Drive your business off on the right foot!

We help drive businesses forward through creative experiences that leave a lasting footprint in the hearts

and minds of your customers.



Footprint is a daughter company of the Shortcut Playground Group, an award-winning creative agency with 25 years of experience.  Our unique experience in television and on-air promotion has led us to forge an exceptional approach to storytelling, one that we leverage to empower businesses through telling their distinctive stories in a way that engages and connects with audiences.



Perfectly assembled to suit your business needs head to foot
Over 50 writers, directors, designers, motion graphic artists and tech developers - our creative team is bursting with talent and passion for digital storytelling, and fully equipped to see any project through from conception to delivery.






Creating an accurate visual identity for your business is how you tell your audience a consistent, coherent story without saying a word.


With our partners                   we’re working on the next big thing in AR technology:

An augmented user experience for TV content and commercials, in-store advertising, exhibitions, and much more. 

Interactive Presentation

Provide your clients with a whole new experience of marketing engagement.

Present your company's assets in an innovative, smart and intuitive way

Exhibition centers and museums

The rapid technological breakthroughs of our age enable us to take visitors’ experience to a whole new level, through Immersive and interactive cross-media installations

Expo Milano

Peres Center for Peace and Innovation



Editing rooms, Online, 3d, Sound studio, Green screen studio, Kitchen And a really great coffee machine.

9 Habarzel St Tel Aviv

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